I offer mixing and mastering services for all types of music. I specialize in metal and classical music.

I will work to ensure that your album will sound as it should, and work with references to make your dream mix a reality.

I offer re-amping for a quality guitar and/or bass sound.

I will make test mixes of one song for free, albums and EP's are negotiated fairly.

Send me an email and I'll give you a quote on an album or schedule a single mix.

at :


All files should be fully edited and guitars should preferably include DI tracks.

If editing or production is necessary it will be included in the quoted price.

Please use good detailed and consistent track naming for each element or exported track e.g :


All files should be minimum of 48khz 24-bit .wav files except for .midi files for timestamps.

All files should be zipped and compressed in a .RAR folder.

Please use www.wetransfer.com or www.MEGA.nz for the file transfers.

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File Submission

For Mastering please ensure that the files are at around -12db in the mix, with at least -6db of headroom.